Forming the backbone of your online services, our connectivity options give you the reliability and flexibility that is needed for modern-day businesses.

We offer all the connectivity options available in your area and discuss your requirements with you.

Our personal service means you won’t be confined to packages that don’t suit your business, or services you don’t need or don’t want and we’ll never charge you for speeds you can’t receive.

We offer trials on most of our options so you can decide with confidence.

We don’t sell our products to the residential market so our network remains uncongested, and dedicated to you.


Most businesses find that ‘Off the shelf’ solutions pushed by most ISP’s don’t suit their requirements. Although some businesses just need a fast, reliable connection, most would benefit from a bespoke set up.

With years of experience working across multiple business sectors we know what works and what doesn’t. Using this experience we then offer a tailored solution which could include; managed Wide Area Networks (WAN), Private DSL Networks, MPLS functionality, PCI-DSS compliance and more.



The last internet connection you’ll ever need.

  • Internet speeds starting at 100 Mbps, with an almost unlimited scope for upgrades.
  • Upgrade your connection speeds at any time, on-the-fly, with no extra construction.
  • Symmetrical internet speeds, meaning ultra fast uploads as well as downloads making the use of cloud data simple.
  • 99.99% Service Level Agreement for complete reliability.
  • 1:1 contention - get the speeds you pay for.
  • Completely future proofed internet connections starting at just £3,588 (equivalent to £299pcm)


A private high-performance circuit direct from us to you.

  • Not shared with anyone else.
  • No contention.
  • Guaranteed speeds of 10Mbps to 10,000Mbps 10Gbps.
  • Supported by a comprehensive Service-Level Agreement (SLA) of 99.9% service uptime with a guaranteed fix time and a compensation clause.
  • Synchronous Speeds, meaning the upload speed is the same as the download speed.
  • No port blocking or service restrictions.


Beyond Broadband

  • Download speeds up to 76Mbps.
  • Upload speeds up to 20Mbps.
  • No congestion on Exa’s network.


Twice as nice as traditional ADSL, and then some...

  • Download speeds up to 20Mbps.
  • Upload speeds up to 2.5Mbps.
  • Ability to bond lines together to boost speeds.
  • No congestion on Exa’s network.