Whether you run a small boutique, a medium-sized hotel or a national chain, the fundamentals are the same. A reliable network is pivotal to your business. From managing your booking system to managing your books - everything today requires you to be online.

But it is not just for you...

Internet access is becoming more and more important to hotel guests. So much so that hotel search / comparison sites now typically list ‘Internet’ or ‘Wifi’ at the top of search tools. Bad reviews can be instigated by a poor network connection during a hotel stay. Our solution is to deliver the best connection (typically a Leased Line) and divide it over two or three end points;

The first, will cater for your office and admin, being fully PCI-DSS compliant it looks after your epos systems too. This is backed up with a FTTC / 3G service, just in case.

On the second line all your guests can browse, surf and stream whether they are in their room, the restaurant, bar or spa. The third access point, if required, will be reserved for conferencing facilities. This will enable you to offer a guarenteed connection, dedicated to your guests’ conference. All connections are protected by state-of-the-art Firewalls ensuring that your surfing is safe and secure, and access is controlled by a pre-configured Router.


The most popular connected device in hotels. Smart phones are the hub of peoples’ lives, whether it is connecting with social media, researching the local area or making VOIP calls, having reliable provision for this is paramount.



Widely used for streaming video, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, and music, such as Spotify or Apple Music. Enjoying a surge of popularity, additional mobile devices are now staple items in many a travellers’ suitcase. All adding pressure on your bandwidth.



With the ability to have an extensive film catalogue on-demand as well as TV shows past and present, Smart TVs are an instant draw for many hotel guests. This also is an instant draw on bandwidth.



With a broad 60% business, 40% leisure guest divide You can see that laptops will be prevalent in many a hotel room, generally it is Email applications that sap most of a business travellers time on a laptop but throw in online research and the sending of large documents and you can see that it is another drain on hotel bandwidth.



From monitoring the live state of available rooms in the hotel, to taking online bookings, the front of house computer needs to be online, all the time.



Whether it is taking reservation charges over the telephone or live in person, taking payments upon check-out or adding guest services to a guest’s account. The payment system of any hotel is imperative for ongoing business. This must remain secure and PCI-DSS compliant.



The driving force of hotels, from bookkeeping to marketing, not only does the office need to have the data available to the front-of-house, it also needs to manage that data. Often communicating with a head-office or other sites.



Wide area networks extend the reach of your business. Relaying data among employees, clients, buyers, and suppliers from various geographical locations. In essence, this type of network infrastructure allows a business to effectively carry out its daily function regardless of location.