As well as providing the ultimate Internet connection, we also bring you additional services to compliment your business.


Our Email Self Administration (ESA) panel provides you with complete control over your company’s email accounts. The web-based portal allows users to create and delete email addresses, change passwords, set autoresponders and even adjust the sensitivity of our spam filter.

Compatible with all major email software, such as Outlook, MS Exchange and Apple Mail, however, ESA is also perfect for those who do not wish to use third party email clients as it can be used with our own web mail system.


Exa Networks is a member of Nominet (the UK’s domain controller for all .uk domains), and a premier partner of Network Solutions (the world’s largest registrar). Our website services cater for every requirement - whether you would like to simply register your domain, or if you need complete hosting with DNS management, web redirection and email services.

Our shared web servers are optimised for web hosting and, with an SLA of 99% uptime, they offer the perfect option for businesses looking for a quality hosting solution.


Our co-location services provide you with the ability to host your servers, routers or firewalls in one of our six co-location centres across the UK. This gives your organisation the advantage of using our diverse bandwidth options and network resilience to connect to the Internet.

We offer pre-implementation planning, migration and deployment advice to ensure that your co-location installation goes as smoothly as possible.


All Exa Networks connections are allocated a fixed IP address. This can provide a number of benefits to your business as it enables features which would not be possible with a dynamic address.

From hosting your own file or FTP server, to enabling remote access and pointing domain names to your servers and equipment, a fixed IP allows your business to make the most of your connectivity.


A VPN allows you to securely and easily share information between multiple sites. It provides a secure connection between locations, encrypting the data passing over the Internet whilst making the remote site appear to be directly located in the local network.

Whether you have offices in separate locations, or staff requiring access from various locations, a VPN can ensure that distance is not a barrier to your company’s operating ability.