The backbone of any business is it’s Customer Service and Support teams, we’re no different. We know that providing amazing network capabilities is not enough, so we work hard being there for you also.

Winning several awards, including Best Business Customer Care... twice is something that we are very proud of. Our Support team are all experienced in the sector and approach each call with the respect it deserves. Whether you need help opening a port or assistance setting up Email accounts, our in-house Technical Support is on hand.

All calls are answered within 15 seconds and we don’t have scripted answers or force you to go through lots of unrelated questions to diagnose the problem.

Problems can be simple or complex; it does not matter if the cleaner has unplugged the router to plug in the vacuum, or you need a step-by-step walk-through setting up a VPN. We don’t judge, each problem is a genuine problem if it is affecting your business.

Available for extended business hours, our multi-award winning team is here when you need us.

0845 145 1234