When it comes to Internet services, one size doesn't fit every business. Some companies simply don't need services that are vital for other organisations, while others can actually benefit most from off-the-shelf solutions. However, many ISPs just offer their customers a choice between standard options, rather than the flexibility that more and more businesses require.

That's where Exa Networks steps in. As one of the only ISPs to specialise in bespoke services, we ensure that our customers get an Internet services solution which actually meets every one of their needs, whatever those may be.

Exa are the best choice for businesses, whether you're looking for single services like reliable Internet connectivity, a more comprehensive solution featuring Wide Area Network design & management, content filtering or a solution built from the ground up to match your needs.

We've worked for years to bring businesses the absolute best level of service available on the market, with experience in creating bespoke solutions for organisations from practically every market sector.

On this page, you'll find some information about a few of the services we offer. If you want more in-depth information, call our team to talk through your requirements at 0345 145 1234!

Bespoke Business Internet Services

Custom Technical Setup

Get exactly what you're looking for

  • Completely free setup for practically all of the hardware that we provide.
  • Our expert team ensures that everything is set up in the exact way that you specify, wherever this is possible.
  • When we design services for you, we work to completely match your technical requirements, delivering service which performs exactly how you want it to.

Internet Connectivity

Reliable connectivity for businesses

  • Ultrafast, reliable connectivity which always delivers the speeds that you pay for, backed up with award-winning customer support.
  • Comprehensive range of connectivity options, including future-proof DarkLight, ultrafast Leased Lines, FTTC and far more.
  • Connections designed for business use - we don't supply home users, so we can focus on giving you a better level of service.

Wide Area Networks

Bespoke business WAN design and management

  • Completely custom WAN setup built to meet your company's requirements, from MPLS and VPLS networks to VPN setup.
  • Absolutely secure networking design, with support for ISO 9001 & 27001 certification.
  • High quality connectivity from Exa ensures that you always get great service, backed up by industry-leading support.

SurfProtect Content Filtering

SurfProtect content filtering for businesses

  • Industry-leading content filtering gives you complete control over how your filtering policy works.
  • Completely customisable filtering driven by an intuitive, simple to use panel.
  • Our SurfProtect Cloud solution is completely free for every Exa customer.

Voice over IP services

Centralised VoIP business services

  • High-quality VoIP solutions to cut down the cost of phone services, improve business performance and open up new possibilities.
  • Custom VoIP packages designed to accommodate for any business' needs, whether large or small.
  • Hardware rental included in monthly billing to cut down on the cost of introducing VoIP services.

Email, Web Hosting and More Services

Some more of the Internet services we offer

  • Email: Complete email services for businesses, from email management to virus filtering and more.
  • Web Hosting: High-quality shared and dedicated hosting options from Exa Networks give you a complete range of options for your webspace hosting - ideal for any company needing a bespoke solution.
  • Domain Registration: Simple Domain checking, registration, management and more.