While we've put together a lot of information about the services we offer (and some of the industries we provide them to), there's a lot more to be said. On this page, we've put together a collection of some of our brochures, exploring different sides of how our services can benefit businesses like yours.

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Business Brochures from Exa Networks

DarkLight Leaflet

Find out more about DarkLight, the single most advanced option for business Internet connectivity available today. With multi-gigabit capacity, DarkLight delivers completely future-proofed Internet connectivity - it's the single last Internet connection you'll ever need to install.

Content Filtering Flyer

Designed to deliver unmatched flexibility and filtering performance, SurfProtect Quantum is an advanced content filtering service developed by Exa Networks. An advanced Cloud-based service, Quantum incorporates many features previously unavailable with Cloud-based systems, like total HTTPS filtering, Active Directory integration and more.

Wide Area Networks Flyer

We create custom Wide Area Networks designed based around the requirements which our clients set - no matter what requirements you have, we'll meet them, ensuring that you're able to get a WAN service that really does exactly what you're looking for.

ExaVoice VoIP Brochure

With completely flexible packages, low prices and excellent performance, our ExaVoice service is a truly fantastic VoIP option for businesses, allowing customers to choose exactly what kind of service they receive, while an intuitive online panel allows for even further customisation.

Hotel and Leisure Brochure

From fast wi-fi for guests to efficient, reliable back office support, effective Internet service can make a real difference for hotels of any scale. Exa Networks is the single best choice for hotel Internet services, delivering fast, flexible and fully reliable service packages.

Retail Brochure

Internet services play some major roles for retail businesses, from processing credit card information to providing wi-fi, managing security feeds and more. With our completely bespoke Internet service packages, retail businesses can get solutions that exactly match their needs.

Energy Brochure

Energy companies need specialised networking solutions to handle the sheer amount of data they produce. We're experts at providing Internet solutions to wind farms and other power generating companies.

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