The Internet has never meant more to businesses than it does today.

No matter what sector you're working in, Internet services are practically fundamental, whether for day-to-day work or as a major part of infrastructure. However, many businesses end up being held back by underperforming connections and poorly-suited, off the shelf solutions.

At Exa Networks, we specialise in providing high-quality, bespoke Internet service packages designed based around your requirements, giving you an unmatched level of performance while ensuring that you get great prices and market-leading customer care.

On this page, we're taking a look at why we're the best choice for business Internet services from connectivity to Cloud storage, along with an introduction to how we support a few different types of business.

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Ultrafast, Reliable Performance

We always deliver excellent performance, no matter which of our services you're using. All of our Internet connectivity options ensure that you get the speeds you pay for at absolutely all times - not 'up to' the speeds we advertise, while our failover-ready network guarantees complete reliability.


Bespoke Internet Services

While every business has different requirements, many ISPs only provide a limited range of Internet service options. At Exa, we specialise in designing and delivering totally bespoke Internet packages, cutting out anything your business doesn't need to focus on the things you do need, from WANs and VoIP options to custom tech setup - and practically anything else.


Market-Leading Support

You shouldn't have to wait on hold when there's something wrong with your Internet services. With Exa, you really don't have to. Our expert support team answers every call quickly (usually in under 15 seconds), and quickly works to resolve any issues you're experiencing.


Bespoke Business Internet Solutions



Whether you're looking for PCI DSS compliant Internet services for a single store or a custom Wide Area Network to connect additional sites, there's no better choice for retail Internet services than Exa Networks, no matter how your business operates.



When booking hotels, most people choose locations where Wi-Fi is available. With our ultrafast connectivity options, you can offer your guests incredibly fast and reliable Wi-Fi performance, while our SurfProtect filtering (free to Exa customers) lets you choose exactly what kind of sites your guests are able to access using your Wi-Fi.


Renewable Energy

We've worked to provide a number of wind farms and other energy companies with absolutely reliable connectivity that lets them transmit a huge amount of data, operate SCADA telemetry and far more, with an automatic failover solution ensuring completely smooth operation in all situations.


Business Parks & Offices

With businesses relying more and more upon Internet connectivity, being able to offer potential tenants ultrafast speeds is a great way to bring in more business - that's why we offer some of the world's fastest Internet connectivity to business parks and offices.



From secure, fast data transfer to ultrafast connectivity for video conferencing, legal practices have a great number of distinct requirements for their Internet services. We provide Internet services to a number of law firms across the UK - get in touch to find out how we can help your firm.



With a growing number of diners expecting Wi-Fi connectivity when they head to a restaurant, having a fast and reliable enough Internet connection to support both your back and front of house is now increasingly important for restaurants. Our Internet connectivity options bring you fast, secure and reliable performance, all at a lower price than most other options.