Car Dealerships

Effective Internet services can make a real difference for car dealerships of any size. However, that difference isn't just as simple as saying that selling fast cars needs fast connectivity (though that can help) - the right choice of ISP can help your dealership provide more better service for your customers, keep vital business data secured, and significantly cut the price that you're paying for your services.

Exa Networks is the single best choice for business Internet services, prioritising fantastic performance, completely fair pricing and a completely unmatched level of choice. We're one of the only ISPs specialising in bespoke service packages, ensuring that you get services which perfectly suit your requirements, with options including high-speed connectivity, Wide Area Networking and a whole lot more.

On this page, you'll find some information about our most popular Internet services for car dealerships like yours. However, different dealerships have completely different requirements for their Internet services - get in touch with our team via the form below (or call us at 0345 145 1234) to see how we can specifically help you.

Exploring Advanced Internet Services for Car Dealerships

Effective Internet Connectivity for Car Dealerships

Your company's Internet connection is, in many ways, the backbone of your operations, supporting everything from your back office and payment processing to customer WiFi and data transfer. We offer a full range of Internet connectivity options for businesses to suit different requirements, from basic ADSL to far more advanced options, but all designed to deliver absolutely excellent performance.

DarkLight - World-Class Connectivity

In certain areas, we're able to offer car dealerships the single most advanced Internet connectivity option available on the market - DarkLight. Designed to make ultrafast Internet more accessible than ever, DarkLight is the last Internet connection your business will ever need, with every line supporting 10 Gbps symmetrical speeds, simple upgrade options and surprisingly low prices.

Completely Reliable Performance

Reliability is absolutely key to any business, especially with the high-value transactions taking place at a car dealership. As such, we provide completely trustworthy services on all levels, with our core network designed for resilience, many of our connectivity services coming with high Service Level Agreements, and an optional 3G backup service designed to make sure that your dealership is completely connected around the clock.

FortiGate Firewall Security

As your dealership handles a significant amount of sensitive customer data, it's highly important that your network is kept as secure as possible. To help protect our clients (and their customers), we supply several of the world's most advanced firewall options - the FortiGate range from security market leaders Fortinet. These firewalls protect your network from any unauthorised access, with real-time, research-led updates and a whole lot more features.

Bespoke Internet Service Packages

Because every car dealership is different, we offer bespoke packages to suit any requirements. As a couple of examples, if your dealership is part of a chain, we can provide effective Wide Area Network options to let you securely share data between branches, while our ExaVoice VoIP services can help cut costs for many dealerships. We also offer domain registration, web hosting and far more - get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

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