Renewable Energy

With round the clock reliability absolutely paramount, renewable energy companies have some of the most advanced needs around when it comes to their Internet services, and require an ISP that's able to deliver genuinely world-class performance at absolutely all times.

Exa Networks is one of the only ISPs specialising in delivering bespoke, industry-focused Internet services, and we work with a number of major renewable energy companies, providing advanced, entirely reliable service to our customers.

As part of our work to ensure maximum performance for our customers, we offer a range of industry-specific services and advantages for renewable energy companies, some of which we've laid out on this page. Of course, every company has different requirements - so call our team at 0345 145 1234 or fill in the contact form below to find out how we can help you.

Custom Internet Services for Energy Businesses

Completely Reliable Service

Whether you operate a wind farm, solar farm, or practically anything related to renewable energy, you need an Internet connection that delivers absolutely reliable performance. With our network specifically designed for reliability, there's no better choice for your connectivity than Exa. We provide high Service Level Agreements on many of our lines, ensuring a certain level of performance, while also offering 3G backup services.

Instant IP Assignment

Traditionally, ISPs can't provide IP address details until connectivity construction is complete, an issue which can hold back renewable energy providers. As an independent ISP, we're able to provide you with IP details and subnet masks as soon as your order is processed. We're also able to support you during the order process via quick-setup 3G connectivity, so you don't have to wait for installation to be completed to get up and running.

Reliable SCADA Telemetry Support

If your business uses SCADA telemetry, you know how vital it is that your service be as reliable and responsive as possible, with outages potentially resulting in major issues. With our network backed up by an effective, built-in-house system to automatically failover and provide continuous service if anything goes wrong, you can be absolutely sure of reliable SCADA control, while our range of connectivity options delivers effective, high speed connections.

Fast Data Transfer

While most businesses prioritise fast download speeds, the situation's quite different for renewable energy companies, with high upload speeds required to send out large amounts of data as quickly as possible. We offer a number of upload-focused connectivity options, giving our customers a service which helps them stay completely on top of everything taking place across the sites they operate.

Connectivity Backup for Emergencies

While all of our Internet connections are built total reliability, it's always possible for emergencies to crop up. As such, we offer a low-cost 3G backup service for our customers, working wirelessly to ensure that you're able to transfer data even in the worst case scenario. As a backup service, our 3G service takes over automatically if there's a problem, while maintaining the same IP range as your standard connection for smooth continuity.

Secure Connections for Renewable Energy Companies

Renewable energy companies have legal obligations to keep data secure and confidential, while preventing any unauthorised access. We offer a number of systems designed to support this - our connectivity and Wide Area Network options are built to comply with all relevant regulations and requirements, while providing our customers with market-leading security through Fortinet's range of incredible FortiGate firewalls, keeping your company's data completely secure at all times.

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