No matter the scale, law firms have a lot of distinct requirements for their Internet services. Their connectivity needs to be fast and reliable, they need effective VoIP, and their clients' data needs to be kept completely secure on absolutely every level.

As one of the only ISPs specialising in delivering bespoke business Internet services, Exa Networks works with a number of top law firms to deliver advanced and effective Internet service packages specifically built around the requirements and requests of our customers. As such, our team of experts are perfectly placed to offer you a truly effective Internet solution for your law firm's needs.

On this page, we've put together some information about the most popular services that we offer law firms. However, with every firm having different requirements on some level, don't hesitate to find out how our bespoke Internet services can benefit you - fill in the form below or get in touch with our team today at 0345 145 1234.

Bespoke Internet Services for the Legal Sector

Completely Secure Internet Services

Given the amount of sensitive information handled by law firms, it's absolutely vital for them to have a completely secured network, preventing any unauthorised access. We design all of our Internet Services to support complete regulatory compliance, while also offering our customers several effective FortiGate firewall options, next-generation cybersecurity tools created by Fortinet, the market leader for digital security.

Ultrafast Data Transfer for Large Files

With law firms often handling significant amounts of data, it's absolutely vital for them to have an Internet connection capable of handling large files quickly and reliably. As such, we offer a range of effective Internet connectivity options built to accommodate for every requirement, from basic ADSL to world-class DarkLight connectivity, all delivering round-the-clock reliable service.

Discovering Advanced ExaVoice VoIP

Law firms tend to make a lot of calls across the working day, with costs rapidly racking up, particularly in larger firms. We've built ExaVoice as a completely customisable, effective VoIP service, letting law firms get the exact service that they require. With our high-quality Internet connectivity services, some law firms are also opening the door to a convenient new way to do business - using video conferencing to effectively communicate with clients.

Secure Virtual Private Network and WAN Design

With your team likely to often be out on the road, it's important that they have access to the files on your network wherever they are. Designed to allow employees to securely access business networks through an encrypted channel, Virtual Private Networks present a major advantage for law firms. Exa are the single best choice for VPN setup, offering flexible, reasonably priced, and totally secure options, while also offering several other networking options for law firms.

Faster Uploads via Symmetrical Connectivity

Historically, Internet connectivity has prioritised download speeds, with these being far more relevant on a day-to-day basis. However, with the increased popularity of Cloud-based services like backup and storage, upload speeds have become far more relevant. As such, we offer several completely symmetrical connectivity options, delivering uploads just as fast as downloads, including our leased lines and ultrafast DarkLight service.

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