Modern restaurant guests value convenience more than ever, and having effective Internet services plays a big part in establishing that convenience. From providing the backbone for your back office to bringing high-speed Wi-Fi to your guests, Internet services are a major part of operations for modern restaurants, and it's vital to have an ISP that understands your needs and can offer you genuinely effective, reliable service.

We're one of the only ISPs specialising in delivering completely bespoke Internet services to businesses, working to provide service packages specifically built around the requirements of our customers. From effective, reliable and secure Internet connectivity options to a completely customisable VoIP service, firewalls and more, there's no better choice of restaurant ISP than Exa Networks.

Below, we've put together some info about our most popular Internet services for restaurants. However, every restaurant has different requirements for their Internet services - fill in the form below or get in touch with our team at 0345 145 1234 to see exactly how we can help your restaurant.

Restaurant Internet Connectivity and Services

Ultrafast Wi-Fi for Guests

A significant majority of guests expect some kind of Wi-Fi service to be available when they visit a restaurant - an expectation which can have a major impact on returning customers. As such, we support restaurants by offering a wide range of effective Internet connectivity options designed to accommodate for any restaurant's requirements, from basic ADSL service to ultrafast leased lines and DarkLight.

Completely Reliable Connectivity

Consistent and reliable service is important for any restaurant, whether the service is inventory supply or Internet connectivity. That's why we've designed our core network specifically focusing on reliability, with our services built to provide service continuity at absolutely all times. Across many of our connectivity options for restaurants, we offer high Service Level Agreements, guaranteeing complete reliability and great performance.

Chopping Internet Costs

While we provide market-leading business Internet services, we're committed to giving our customers a completely fair deal at all times, no matter what services they're choosing, from our advanced connectivity options to web hosting, asset management or anything else. When customers join us, they often save thousands from their previous bills, while getting a far higher level of effective service.

Effective Security with FortiGate Firewalls

Keeping your restaurant's data secure is vital, particularly if you're storing information on your guests. To help you ensure that data on your network is as secure as possible, we offer our customers one of the most advanced security options on the market today - FortiGate firewalls from cybersecurity market-leader Fortinet, completely cutting off unauthorised access to your restaurant's network.

Effective ExaVoice VoIP and more Services

While most restaurants will primarily require an Internet connection and a firewall, different organisations have highly varying requirements. As such, we offer a wide variety of additional services, particularly including ExaVoice, our completely customisable take on VoIP, 3G backup for extra reliability, and a whole lot more - get in touch with our team to discuss your particular requirements.

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