From single shops to larger chains, retail companies have a wide range of requirements for their Internet services, with round-the-clock reliability being absolutely key. As such, retailers need an Internet Service Provider which directly caters to their needs. With our team working with retailers across the UK, there's no better choice for retail Internet services than Exa Networks.

We specialise in providing completely bespoke business Internet services, working to create a full-on solution encompassing everything that your company's looking for, from high-speed connectivity to networking, VoIP and more.

While every retailer has different specific requirements, there's a few key features that most look for with their Internet service package - take a look at how we support retailers below, or get in touch with our team today, through the contact form below or by phone at 0345 145 1234.

Custom Internet Solutions for Retail

Bespoke Internet Services for Retail

A retailer's uniqueness is often one of their most important features, particularly when it comes to marketing and appeal. As such, retailers can often benefit from Internet solutions which aren't just off-the-shelf options. As one of the only ISPs specialising in bespoke services, we're able to offer retailers Internet services than genuinely work for you.

Reliable Internet Connectivity

One of the most important factors for retail Internet services is the reliability of these services. A break in connectivity can cost retailers a vast amount of money, whenever it happens. As such, we build our services for total reliability, with high Service Level Agreements, a network built to provide excellent, continuous service and effective 3G backup all supporting retailer requirements.

Secure Internet Services for Retail

With a potentially vast amount of customer data being handled, security is key for any retailer. With our Internet service packages, your business can access market-leading cybersecurity options, with our advanced range of FortiGate firewalls helping to keep your network - and the data stored on there, completely secure from unauthorised access.

ExaVoice VoIP for Retail

It's pretty important for most retailers to make and receive phone calls - however, the costs can often rack up quickly, cutting off budget for more important services. With our completely bespoke ExaVoice VoIP packages, retailers can cut costs while getting a phone service which exactly fits their requirements, whether they're just taking a few calls or actively ringing customers.

Wide Area Networks for Retailers

If you're a retailer with multiple locations, it's vital to be able to securely share data, from stock checks to sales figures, customer information and more. With our business Wide Area Network options, it's simple to choose an effective networking option to link your sites, whether that's a physical or virtual network.

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