Wide Area Networks are designed to connect a number of different physical sites on a single network, enabling secure, high-speed data sharing and transfer between the areas.

A vital tool for businesses with multiple offices, WANs hugely improve convenience - share customer data between sites while complying with ISO and Data Protection regulations, ensure that all employees have access to useful data, and significantly cut down on lost & wasted time.

Every business has different requirements and uses for their WAN, which is why we specialise in providing completely bespoke network design and construction. When you get in touch with our expert team at 0345 145 1234, we'll discuss the options that can benefit you most - ensuring that you get a service which genuinely puts your business first.

Below, you'll find some information about a few of the networking options we offer - call today to find out more!

Custom Wide Area Network Design for Businesses

Managed WAN Solutions

Centrally managed Wide Area Networks

  • Sites on a managed WAN are all connected to a single Internet breakout, allowing for simple network management and data sharing between the areas.
  • Completely scalable to any size, managed WANs are an ideal solution for larger organisations, and are completely managed by Exa to ensure that you always get market-leading service.
  • We design, create and run bespoke MPLS networks, which work using practically any kind of Internet connectivity between points, along with VPLS options, which use ethernet-based connectivity between sites.

VPN Setup

Virtual Networks using secure Internet connections

  • Connected virtually through your Internet connection rather than a physical link between points, VPNs are completely encrypted for your security.
  • Ideal for businesses with multiple sites to connect, VPNs are widely used by companies looking for a customisable, low-cost networking option.
  • We offer IPSec VPNs, which allow users to access all LANs in the network (perfect for offices), and SSL VPNs, which only allow one way access - so those working from out the office don't have to make their personal data visible.

Connectivity for Wide Area Networks

Reliable Internet connectivity for your sites

  • Comprehensive range of business Internet connectivity choices, from EoFTTC for VPLS networks to multi-gigabit DarkLight and more.
  • Guaranteed uptime through high Service Level Agreements on most connectivity options, along with overprovisioning & low contention ratios to deliver promised speeds at all times.
  • Award-winning technical support available throughout extended business hours to quickly resolve any issues that appear.

Completely Bespoke Internet Solutions

We specialise in creating comprehensive Internet solutions for our customers, ensuring that you get services built with your needs in mind.

Along with WAN design and management, we provide businesses with services like custom VoIP services, PCI DSS-compliant business backup and recovery, and far more.

We've worked to provide services to businesses with a huge range of different requirements, from wind farms to stadiums and more. There's really no better choice for custom Internet solutions than Exa - call our team today at 0345 145 1234 to discuss your requirements, and find out how we can help you.